• A Profile of Corrections Specialist Brad Hompe

  • Posted on December 20, 2017
  • Whereas Brad Hompe is currently a Corrections Complaint Examiner and Investigator for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (WI-DOC), the most interesting story about him is how he got there. Brad has a copious amount of experience in all aspects of jail and prison operations. He acquired this experienceas he worked his way through the system, going from step to step without missing a step. He began as a corrections officer, and was then promoted to Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, unit manager and deputy warden, all before becoming a warden.

    Besides taking the lead with regard to the development and implementation of corrections programs in many places, during his time with WI-DOC, Brad Hompe has done just about everything. He has worked as a prison staff employee, but he also hasbeen a jail inspector, an instructor and trainer. Over the years, Brad has done it all, including jail and prison planning and design. He also has developed and implemented prison policy in a number of areas, such as when to use force.

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